What To Expect

Thank you so much for considering Chasolen – The Art of Fine Dentistry for your dental needs.  One of friendly staff members will be in contact with you shorty to confirm the details of your dental needs, and if necessary, confirm an appointment date with you.  To learn more about what you can expect, please read below.

Expect a Call


Please make note of this number.

At the number that you provided in your request, you will receive a call from one of our friendly staff members from the above phone number.

Check Your Inbox

After we call you, if we did not get in touch with you at the time, we will leave a voicemail for you, as well as send you an email with more information about your request and the next steps to finalize an appointment or get in touch with us. This email will come from:


Our step-by-step evaluation includes:

  • A review of your concerns and complaints: The first and most important step is listening to our patients and addressing their dental health issues.
  • A thorough exam is conducted to give us the most accurate information possible. The exam includes:
    • Full mouth intra-oral images
    • Panoramic radiograph
    • Diagnostic photographs
    • Study models
  • Exam Review: You’ll meet with the doctor to discuss the findings from the exam.
  • A follow up-consult appointment to discuss a detailed custom treatment plan.
  • If your treatment requires referrals to other specialists we’ll do this at this time